C# - Math statistics with Linq

I have a collection of person objects (IEnumerable) and each person has an age property.

I want to generate stats on the collection such as Max, Min, Average, Median, etc on this age property.

What is the most elegant way of doing this using LINQ?


var max = persons.Max(p => p.age);


var min = persons.Min(p => p.age);


var average = persons.Average(p => p.age);


int count = persons.Count();
var orderedPersons = persons.OrderBy(p => p.age);
float median = orderedPersons.ElementAt(count/2).age + orderedPersons.ElementAt((count-1)/2).age;
median /= 2;

Extension method

public class CollectionExtensions
  public double Median(this IList<int> items)
      int count = items.Count();
      var ordered = items.OrderBy(p => p.age);
      double median = items.ElementAt(count/2).age + items.ElementAt((count-1)/2).age;
      return median /= 2;

Mirror from

StackOverflow - Math stats with Linq - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4134366/math-stats-with-linq/10738416#10738416

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